Technology for Investment Advisors

THOR provides registered investment advisors and investment advisor representatives with suggested asset allocations and portfolio weightings. It is the investment advisors discretion to act on the research provided.

Don’t be held back by sub-par solutions…

“Thor is here to challenge the status quo that plagues the investment options for today’s advisors and their clients. For more than a half-century, financial services have rejected outside thinking and relied on decades-old group think when it comes to investment management. While every other industry has embraced technology, benefited from its enhancements, and rethought old ways, financial services haven’t. It’s time that changed. First in class research, data analysis, and science can eliminate biases that prevent investments from reaching their potential. Thor decided to do something about it.”

- Brad Roth, President/Founder THOR Financial Technologies

Our Offerings

THOR Model Portfolios

The goal is to provide passive exposure to a diversified basket of equity ETFs and use proprietary technology to de-risk the portfolio in an attempt to reduce market drawdowns to generate alpha...




Our flagship portfolio that attempts to reduce market drawdowns to generate alpha accessible via an ETF...